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IDesign focuses on the design and architecture phases of software development with our unmatched architecture consulting and project design. As such we are unique in the industry, and have attained a unique position of industry leadership and reputation.

We believe that the technical aspects of design and architecture are inseparable from the people that need to successfully deliver, and so we offer our customers the world-renowned Master Classes on the skills required of modern software architects and project leaders and their professional growth.

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Upcoming Events
Project Design Clinic
January 28-February 1, San Jose, CA
IDesign architect Juval Lowy conducts the Project Design Clinic, allowing architects and project managers to hone their project design skills using real life projects.
Architect's Master Class
March 25-29, San Jose, CA
IDesign principal Juval Lowy conducts this unique opportunity for the professional architect, mastering the skills and techniques required of today’s modern software architects.
Service Fabric Master Class
March 25-29, Philadelphia, PA
IDesign architect Michael 'Monty' Montgomery lead a week long training looking at all aspects of the Service Fabric and reveals why it is the killer app for modern DevOps and modern software systems both in the cloud and on-premises.
Detailed Design Clinic
May 20-24,
Join IDesign architect Michael 'Monty' Montgomery for a hands-on, interactive, week practicing and refining your skills in the craft of contract factoring. Through the guidance of an IDesign Master Architect, participants will not only depart with expertise in advanced contract factoring rationale and techniques but also with the detailed designs for the services of the select systems we work on.
Project Design Master Class
September 16-20, 2019 San Jose, CA
IDesign principal Juval Lowy conducts this unique opportunity for architects and project managers to master the critical skills of project design. Juval will share his original techniques, ideas and tools in this ground breaking class.
Architecture Clinic
September 30-October 4, 2019 Kansas City, MO
Join Michael Montgomery for a unique experience where you will be immersed in the activities of designing multiple systems in a collaborative environment and practice the IDesign Method.

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Architect's Master Class
March 25-29, San Jose, CA
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